Hospitality Worker Collective is an organisation sprouted in June 2023 with the aim to provide a space for workers in the Danish hospitality industry - students as veterans - to collectively come together. With aspirations that include open talks, education sessions, research, getting familiar with the mechanism of the Danish labour market and union organisation, and legal aid, the mission of HWC is to provide resources for healthy, secure and fair worker-influenced working conditions.

HWC is a volunteer run organisation that‘s only just kicked off and so this is a time of finding its feet and own resources to get started and into the swing of things. Everything has its beginning and the hope is, in time, that funding, donations and the organisation of volunteers will provide the necessary means for making Hospitality Worker Collective a reality.

Welcome to Hospitality Worker Collective.


Currently planning.

To stay super duper tuned, visit @hospitalityworkercollective

Resource library

Under construction.

In time, the aim is for HWC to provide a library of freely available resources and materials ranging from educational content, legal aid and advice, guides, research, articles, reference collection of other worker related communties and organisations, as well as anything else with value to the mission of healthy, secure and fair worker-influenced conditions within the Danish hospitality labour market. 


Feel very welcome to reach out if you have any questions or would like to get involved!